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September 26, 2014
Audit finds: RMI Japan Embassy books a mess
A financial audit of the RMI Japan Embassy says from 2006 through 2010, the embassy violated RMI laws and policies “in many instances.” The audit is included in the latest RMI Auditor General’s report to Nitijela. “It appeared that RMI laws and policies were overridden for convenience and flexibility of operation,” said the audit. “Written procedures and guidelines that were instituted to improve management and operation of Embassy Imprest Fund account have not been implemented effectively and followed.” The report said there was a general lack of management oversight of day-to-day work at the Embassy. The audit identified 14 “findings” (problems), the most of any government agency included in the current report to Nitijela. Key findings included: SUBSCRIBE NOW!

Rien on human trafficking, prostitution and drugs

Human trafficking? Prostitution? Drugs? “It’s all happening here,” reported Justice Minister Rien Morris, pictured, to the Nitijela last Friday. Updating the Nitijela on activities at the Ministry of Justice, Morris said police have spent the past three months digging into these areas of concern. See more

MBA teacher boosts skill levels at BOMI

A dozen Bank of Marshall Islands staff spent three days this week honing their skills in corporate governance thanks to the fact that the University of the South Pacific is currently conducting a Master of Business
Administration course. The instructor of the ‘Operations Management’ module of the MBA is George Downie; pictured, originally from Scotland, but now living in Brittany, France. Along with his business partner Samantha Chalmers, he runs Williams Grant, a specialist firm of Chartered Accountants and Chartered Tax Advisors. “We work internationally with a wide range of clients on their finances and strategy, but we also specialize in training staff for large banking clients,”
said Downie. “The recent global financial crisis had much to do with the banks, and has affected their business too. They are increasingly keen to be seen to be making sure problems don’t happen again and that they are run well. We’re about helping banks be good corporate citizens, looking after customers, staff and investors.” See more

Marine course's side benefits
The College of the Marshall Islands is stepping up its maritime training program, adding facilities and training opportunities for Marshallese. CMI Arrak Campus officials Edward Adiniwin and Joel Clinton said the school is now offering training opportunities both for young people who are looking for career opportunities and for people working in fields who need firefighting, water safety and other continuing education options. The basic training program runs for two weeks and covers such areas as first aid and CPR, fire-fighting and fire prevention, basic ship security and other related trainings. Adiniwin said the fire prevention aspect of trainings they are now running are useful for restaurants, the hospital, police and fire firefighters, and homes. See more

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Passports earn $3m Government payroll last year was met partly due to income received from passport sales, according to Minister and Acting President Christopher Loeak. He was responding to statements from Bikini Senator . . . See more
On Saturday, the RMI joined others around the world in the biggest climate mobilization in history to display collective demand for action against global warming. The largest march took place in New York, where world leaders are gathering at the UN Climate Summit. The RMI People’s Climate 5k Run/Walk was a collaborative effort by Co-op, Jo-Jikum, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Ministry of Education, International Organization for Migration, and Worldteach. The run was funded by the international group through Jo-Jikum to show that people in RMI are standing in solidarity with the People’s Climate March globally and to promote healthy lifestyle.