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November 21, 2014
Cabinet okays $2m Dornier
The Cabinet has approved $2.1 million for the purchase of a used Dornier 228 for Air Marshall Islands. Transportation Minister Thomas Heine, pictured, left Majuro Monday for Nepal to negotiate and finalize the purchase of the Dornier 228 from Tara Airlines — a domestic carrier in Katmandu, Nepal. See more

RMI to set up central bank?
The RMI government has established a working group tasked with finding immediate and long-term solutions for dealing with anticipated American banking regulations that could negatively affect RMI banks and the economy. Cabinet approved the plan of action following a briefing by

the Bank of the Marshall Islands Board of Directors earlier this month. “In an age where stringent rules and standards are becoming the norm within the banking sector, creative solutions for small island countries need to be explored,” said Bank of Marshall Islands in a release. See more
Sand doesn't fool the guys at Tobolar
What’s heavier than a contraband 15-pound rock from Arno? Simple answer: contraband 18-pound sandbag, also from Arno. Tobolar staff discovered 18 pounds of what looked to be compacted sand wrapped and tied in a rice-like bag inside a copra bag this week on MV Landrik coming from Arno, making it the second contraband from Arno (15lbs rock found in September) in less than a month. “We are working with authorities to track down the culprit,” Tobolar’s Casper Janer told the Journal. “We might be able to track down who did this because the copra bag the sand came in on has a yellow zero initial.” Casper is urging people to contact Tobolar agents if they have any knowledge or information of the pictured copra bag.
Casper Janer (right) and Mahoney Leviticus display the 18-pound sandbag. Photo: Hilary Hosia.
PNG's days sale a success
The CEO of the Parties to the Nauru Agreement (PNA) recognized Papua New Guinea’s National Fisheries
Authority for conducting a successful public tender (bid) of fishing days for 2015. “The tender is allowing Papua New Guinea to maximize the value of the fishing days it is allotted under PNA’s vessel day scheme,” said PNA CEO Dr. Transform Aqorau, pictured, on Monday. “By putting fishing days out for public tender, the National Fisheries Authority allowed the industry to put a value on fishing.” See more
RMI appeals Fiji Airways ruling
The Marshall Islands has lodged an appeal to Fiji’s recent rejection of a Nauru Airlines-Air Marshall Islands charter arrangement to provide air service among Majuro, Tarawa and Nadi. The Marshall Islands has been negotiating with the Fiji government over the past two years seeking approval for the joint Nauru Airlines (formerly Our Airline)-AMI service. It has repeatedly been rejected by Fiji, despite the fact that AMI has long-standing landing rights in Fiji. Transportation and Communications Minister Thomas Heine sent a letter to the Fiji Directorate of Civil Aviation at the end of October responding to an earlier rejection. He delivered the letter personally while in Fiji at the end of last month along with Nauru Airlines CEO Geoff Bowmaker and RMI Aviation Task Force representative Anoop Kumar.
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