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April 24, 2015
Smokeless stove champs aim for nine more atolls
After a successful pilot project delivering hundreds of smokeless stoves to eight atolls, the Kora in Okrane (KIO) club is looking to provide for nine additional atolls. KIO club met with mayors and representatives of the nine-targeted atolls at the Nitijela conference room last Wednesday to start things in motion. During the conference, the women-powered NGO revealed that 906 stoves have improved in model and longevity of usage than stoves manufactured earlier. See more

RMI seeks to reduce shipping emissions
The Marshall Islands this week submitted a formal request to the International Maritime Organization calling on the IMO to set a new global target for reducing greenhouse gas emissions from international shipping, a growing sector currently left out of international climate negotiations. “The goal of keeping global temperature rise under 1.5 to 2 degrees Celsius requires action from all countries, and all sectors of the global economy,” said Foreign Minister Tony deBrum. “International shipping must be part of the action." See more

Island living flowing
through Kenta Shimohira-san's veins
Former Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) teacher Kenta Shimohira (center) is proof there is no place like the Marshall Islands and here’s why: “I will not miss the island that much because I will be going to Tanega Island in Japan, which is similar to RMI,” Kenta said last March during an exit interview. One year later, he couldn’t resist the urge to return as seen in this picture with his former students at Father Hacker High School in Ebeye. Photo: Hilary Hosia.
MEC makes tidy profit off oil rig
The Marshalls Energy Company sold 130,000 gallons of diesel to an oil rig vessel that stopped in Majuro recently to refuel. It is reportedly the first drilling rig to stop in Majuro, and created a spectacle of interest at Delap Dock. The Noble Discoverer was at Delap Dock for a 24-hour period to accomplish the refueling. The rig’s ultimate destination is Alaska, according to MEC General Manager David Paul, pictured. See more
RMI tourism at top of least visited list
The Marshall Islands is among three Pacific nations on the “world’s least visited countries” list. Apparently Tuvalu and Nauru have fewer visitors annually than the RMI. Tuvalu was reported to have received only 1,000 visitors a couple of years back. See more
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MISSA keeps heat on non-paying tax 'collectors' – Social Security is attempting to round up its fleet of vehicles, many of which are being driven by people not affiliated with Social Security. MISSA officials indicated that a ... See more
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