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September 19, 2014
GE's $2.4m investment By GIFF JOHNSON
Marshalls Energy Company and General Electric Power and Water Heat Recovery Solutions have signed a deal for the US-based company to provide equipment that will reduce MEC’s costs while cutting carbon emissions. MEC officials hailed the deal as a major step for the RMI that will improve the utility company’s financial outlook, while showing the rest of the world that the RMI is taking steps to reduce pollution that is causing global warming. General Electric (GE) is investing $2.4 million for two Clean Cycle Heat Recovery Generators for the Majuro power plant. See more

$173.3m budget slides into Nitijela
The largest budget in the history of the Marshall Islands was introduced to Nitijela Monday with little fanfare.
The budget is for $173,716,990, about $27 million higher than the current year budget.
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The long-anticipated opening of the new section of road at the Runway Safety Area at the end of Amata Kabua International Airport’s runway opened with a ribbon cutting ceremony Friday. It was one of the largest US-funded construction projects in RMI history at over $15 million.
Photos: Darren Lanki.
Woja project to mean more fish
Woja Marine Protected Area Committee has received some much-needed equipment to help enforce the regulations in the protected area. Jorelik Tibon, pictured, chairperson of the committee, said the protected area is a no-take area for fishing so the residents within the
protected area must be on constant guard against outsiders fishing in the area. This is a protected area where the residents are in charge of the management of the area, he said. See more

ROC gives $3.5m to President Loeak
ROC Ambassador Winston Chen delivered a check for $3.54 million to President Loeak last week. The funds are designated as project support for the second and third quarters (January-June, 2014). This is part of Taiwan’s annual aid package to RMI. The Embassy noted that $160,000 for project support for the current fiscal year is temporarily on hold and will be disbursed subject to further discussion between the ROC Embassy and RMI government.
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New newspaper in RMI? We don't know if this is true, but the chat around town has it that the Marshalls may be getting a new newspaper. Seems at lest one individual has considered to heed the call from Nitijela that . . . See more
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