March 20, 2015
News Update
Standing ovation for Kathy's UOG Presidential Lecture
“A standing ovation from the crowd concluded with shouting, clapping, and cheering noises as we all were inspired by this young lady from the Marshall Islands.” That is the observation of one of the members of the
audience at Kathy Jetnil-Kijiner's presentation at the University of Guam's Presidential Lecture at the university Wednesday March 18. “It was one of the most inspiring events that has ever been held at the University,” said Dr. Robert Underwood, UOG's President, who invited Jetnil-Kijiner to be the university's first Presidential Lecturer of 2015. A big crowd packed one of UOG's lecture halls to hear Jetnil-Kijiner speak.
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Nine missing at sea as Bavi blasts MIFV boat
Monstrous waves kicked up by then-tropical storm Bavi may have sunk a longline fishing vessel that has been missing since last Thursday in the Marshall Islands. The vessel, Clear Water 02, was feared lost when debris from the vessel was sighted Monday in the vicinity of Ailinglaplap and Namu atolls, an area directly in the westerly track of Bavi, which was at typhoon strength earlier this week as it headed for Guam and the Northern Marianas. But Marshall Islands Fishing Venture spokesman Neal Milne said Monday afternoon the company was not giving up hope, and seven of its fishing boats are continuing to search the area where the Clear Water 02 is believed to have last been. Milne confirmed that the debris was from Clear Water 02 and said word has been passed to residents of Namu and other western atolls to be on the lookout for survivors who may be drifting in a northwesterly direction. The US Coast Guard dispatched a search and rescue aircraft in response to requests from the RMI Chief Secretary’s office through the US Embassy. As of Wednesday the search by the Coast Guard for the missing fishing boat was still ongoing. Milne praised the US Embassy and DCM Barth, the US Coast Guard, the RMI Chief Secretary’s office, Transportation and Communitions, and MIFV Manager Jin Lin and Fleet Manager Wang Guoping for their tireless effort and leadership since the search for the vessel began.
A port pilot prevented a Matson container ship from docking Monday afternoon, delaying off-loading of cargo for Majuro businesses that was already several days delayed by a typhoon. Pilot Langmos Hermios, reportedly unhappy that he had not received a payment of about $300 from Ports Authority for piloting a Matson vessel into Port Majuro last year, would not allow the Matson vessel to tie up at Delap Dock Monday afternoon, forcing it to anchor in the lagoon overnight. Matson, Majuro Stevedore and Terminal Company, and RMI Ports Authority all complained about Hermios’ action, while local retailers were forced to absorb an unnecessary delay on top of the delay caused by bad weather. But Ministry of Transportation and Communications Secretary Phil Philippo blamed Matson for not paying its fees and pointed his finger at RMI Ports Authority for not doing its job “to ensure the pilots are paid.” But Ports Director Jack Chong Gum said Hermios never said anything to Ports officials about a payment problem, and his action delaying the container ship was not sanctioned by Ports Authority.
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