February 27, 2015
News Update
American fishing vessel gets compliance inspection
The US-flagged fishing vessel American Triumph was inspected by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Office of Law Enforcement, Pacific Islands Division recently - one in an ongoing series of compliance inspections by NOAA. It included a review of the purse seiner's logbook, and such questions as what happens when other marine life is caught in the net, and what kinds of fishing gear and devices are being used. NOAA Special Agents John Barylsky and Jeffrey Pollack also provided training on vessel inspections to Marshall Islands Marine Resources Authority (MIMRA) staff. Following the inspection, Captain Bernard Blocker welcomed a bigger delegation onboard for a tour that included US Ambassador Tom Armbruster, officials from MIMRA and the Marshall Islands Journal. Captain Blocker said he sees tuna resources in the Pacific as “abundant.”
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Stop free rides
John Zedkaia, driver of the vehicle being ‘attacked’ in this photo, is one of many drivers facing this road hazard ocean side Uliga. Zedkaia, who works with CMI’s Land Grant program, felt sympathetic for the kids, saying they need a ride home. He is planning on including road safety to his popular school outreach program.
It cannot happen soon enough for UES, as last week, a young UES girl fell on her face after attempting to jump on the back of a moving vehicle. She was bleeding and was picked up by the vehicle behind the one she attempted to jump on, which took her to the hospital.
Judge Dinsmore Tuttle granted Jack Niedenthal’s motion for summary judgment Wednesday, declaring in her 10-page ruling that “Niedenthal (is) qualified to be a candidate for election as a member of the Nitijela.” The decision followed a two-hour hearing last Thursday where Attorney General Natan Brechtefeld and David Strauss argued the legalities of the dispute. “Resolution of this dispute is controlled by the Constitution of the RMI, and addresses a very important issue for the People of the Republic,” said Tuttle in her decision. “What power does the Nitijela have to limit the constitutional rights of Marshallese citizens? More specifically, do the people have the right to decide who will represent them in the Nitijela, or does the Nitijela have the right to decide who may represent the People?” She determined that “Nitijela did not have the power to prescribe the eligibility qualifications in Section 145(6) of the (Elections and Referenda) Act.” She described the RMI Constitution as a “very concise and readable document” that, “as opposed to many legal documents, it very clearly says what it means, and means what it says.”She concludes: “The government argues that (the Elections and Referenda Act) Section 145(6) does not violate the Constitution…The court concludes otherwise. Section 145 does not just disregard a law, it blatantly disregards the supreme law of the land, and in doing so infringes on the constitutional rights of the People. The citizens of the RMI reserved to themselves the right to choose who will represent them in the Nitijela from among their fellow citizens who are qualified voters, at least 21 years of age, have not been certified insane, and are not serving any type of sentence for a felony conviction. They were given that power in the Constitution, and those who they elect to the Nitijela do not have the power to take that away from them.” She declared Section 145(6) of the law a violation of the Constitution and “void.”
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