April 24, 2015
News Update
Taipei Medical University teams up with MOH and YTYIH to address medical issues
At the completion of last week’s visit by officials from the Taipei Medical University Shuang Ho Hospital, both Majuro Hospital and Youth to Youth in Health (YTYIH) signed on to memorandums of understanding to increase cooperation between the Taipei based hospital and the two local organizations. Led by Superintendent Dr. Jhih-Syong Wu of the Taipei Medical University Shuang Ho Hospital and Directors Jhonh-rong Fu and Wei-huei Lu, the three-person team met with RMI President Christopher Loeak and officials from the Ministry of Health and Youth to Youth in Health. The MOU with YTYIH will allow for cooperation between the Taiwan Health Center and YTYIH in delivering youth health management and further promoting youth health issues and awareness. With respect to the MOU with Majuro hospital Dr. Wu highlights the focus is on cooperating with the hospital on treatment and prevention of diabetes and tuberculosis through staff training and development and increasing awareness.
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ECC's still in limbo
The ECC gym renovation plan continues to be in limbo. Although the US government said it was ready to approve funding for the ECC gym at last week’s JEMFAC meeting, RMI officials told the US side that they needed to return to Majuro for consultations on the issue. At the Joint Economic Management and Financial Accountability Committee in San Francisco, US officials asked about the ECC property lease, indicating their understanding that the lease was soon to expire. RMI officials attending JEMFAC indicated they had no information about the lease, according to a US official. The RMI delegation was headed by Acting Chief Secretary Justina Langidrik and Acting Foreign Affairs Secretary Doreen deBrum. “We said we can pass a resolution allocating funding but it cannot be used until the lease issue is resolved,” said an Interior Department official. “The RMI said ‘no’ to passing a resolution, and said they needed to go back and consult.” But deBrum had a different take on it: “The ECC project looks promising, however, the US delegation did not have enough time to review it.” She said after an upcoming Interior visit, the plan will be approved. See more
The Ministry of Finance is not “troubled” as headlined in a front-page story last week. It is the “environment” surrounding the ministry that is troubled and is preventing routine operations and required accountability to proceed, said Kayo Yamaguchi-Kotton, pictured, who resigned earlier this month. Kayo was a key management leader at the Ministry of Finance as an Assistant Secretary. She headed the budgeting division, Procurement and Supply, and overseas donor aid as well as supervising emergency aid. “After the 2014 fraud problems (at the hospital), I
worked to ensure my staff are accountable,” she said. But, Kayo said, there “was so much interference” from political-level leaders that it made it virtually impossible for the Ministry of function and led her to resign. “Clearly, I can’t make a difference.” See more
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