July 31, 2015
News Update
Protected area network adoption encouraged
Regional environment champion Willy Kostka is encouraging the Marshall Islands to adopt Protected Area Network (PAN) legislation now pending in Nitijela. It was introduced earlier this year by R&D Minister Mike Konelios and also endorsed by Namdrik Senator Mattlan Zackhras and Minister David Kabua. Kostka, who directs the Micronesian Conservation Trust based in Pohnpei, said there are several reasons the PAN legislation is important for the RMI. Establishing a protected areas network will help RMI with their fisheries protection, food security, climate change adaptation and preparedness, and tourism development,” he said.
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Hearings cancelled as no-one can hear them
Public Accounts Committee Chairman Kenneth Kedi called off a series of scheduled financial accountability public hearings last Thursday, saying it was pointless to conduct them with government radio station V7AB unable to transmit hearing testimony to a majority of the RMI population. “Only people in DUD (downtown) are able to hear us,” said Kedi. The committee, which each year holds several weeks of hearings on audits and financial accountability of government departments, just resumed its hearings last Wednesday after a several week break. But after Thursday morning’s session, Kedi said the committee decided to postpone the hearings pending improvements in V7AB broadcast ability. See more
The Marshall Islands will announce a “bold” change to its public school teaching strategy at the Pacific Education Conference Thursday morning in Majuro. Public School System officials and Customary Law and Language Commission Director Alfred Capelle are expected to outline the plan for a major change, which will replace the current kindergarten to third grade Marshallese language environment by extending bilingual education through the 12th grade. The presentation will be delivered to the PEC conference plenary session at the College of the Marshall Islands Thursday. The new plan, adopted by the Public School System, says “Kajin Aelon Kein will be the language of instruction for all subjects other than English Language Arts from grades kindergarten through sixth. Kajin Aelon Kein will be the language of instruction in a near 50-50 bilingual arrangement from grades seven to 12.” “This is a very bold step,” Capelle told a regional language meeting in Kosrae last month. “Our expertise lies here with us, not from outside experts looking down at us.” Capelle said saving the future for “our children and grandchildren…lies in our local knowledge and language.” But this is not to simply translate US textbooks into Marshallese language. “I believe the most effective and economical way to accomplish our dual goals of educational effectiveness and to address linguistic and cultural human rights is through an innovative bottom-up community based approach, which brings students, teachers, parents, knowledge holders and community members together so that we can write our own bilingual school materials and teach each other in the process,” said Capelle. This is not about “Western classroom management techniques, not with how to mix group work with individual task-based assignments, not with moving from rote memorization to so-called critical thinking.” It’s about bringing the community together to share stories and communal responsibilities, and to learn from each other. “Western educational systems do not do that, cannot do that,” he said. See more
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