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September 18, 2015
Hawaii, RMI leaders work on partnership
President Loeak met with the Governor of Hawaii David Ige and state legislature Vice Speaker John Mizuno in Honolulu on Wednesday. Loeak met with Ige to discuss additional ways the Marshall Islands and the State of Hawaii can work together to further strengthen the “Pacific partnership.” President Loeak congratulated Governor Ige as the new Governor and emphasized further strengthening the important relationship between the RMI and the United States, particularly Hawaii. See more

Downturn in RMI economy
RMI economic growth turned negative in FY2014 and recorded a 1.1 percent decline after four years of positive economic growth averaging 3.3 percent, said the Graduate School USA FY2014 RMI Economic Review issued last week. The main contributors to the weak performance were manufacturing, construction, and tax collections. In addition, there was a reduction in coconut processing, the FAA airport road realignment project was completed, and a moratorium on Compact infrastructure projects was imposed in response to RMI-identified problems in its construction Project Management Unit, depressing construction output. See more

Marshall Islands Resort receptionists Emi Kattil and Nerrisa Kaminaga in their new working area.
Photo: Hilary Hosia
Tiem Clement heads new canoe project in Oregon
An Oregon-based group is set to undertake the construction of a Marshallese traditional outrigger canoe. The non-profit group Living Islands announced last week plans for a ceremony to kick off the project scheduled for September 24, at 5pm at Portland State University’s Native American Student and Community Center. Marshallese canoe master builder Tiem Clement will head this project.
Who will lead PNA?
Who will be the new CEO of the Parties to the Nauru Agreement? The top job for the Majuro-based office is opening up shortly, with current CEO Dr. Transform Aqorau, pictured, planning to step down in January. PNA officials are meeting in Fiji this week to work through a variety of management issues for the organization, including reviewing the process for shortlisting and interviewing candidates who have applied since the post was announced in June.
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Hospital: Back to square one — Is it business as usual at Majuro hospital? Decidely not, say top health officials who again shut down all but emergency room service on Wednesday because of unvesolved issues with the Public Service ... See more
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