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August 28, 2015
IOM raises awareness on human trafficking
The National Taskforce on Human Trafficking is bringing new ideas to students across Majuro as the school year begins. Members of the RMI National Taskforce on Human Trafficking, which includes the International Organization for Migration (IOM), Micronesian Legal Services Corporation (MLSC), Attorney General’s Office and Ministry of Foreign Affairs, visited Majuro Cooperative School and the University of the South Pacific to raise awareness about human trafficking. See more
Tony to accept award in Washington
Foreign Minister Tony deBrum, pictured, has won an international award that will be delivered next month in Washington, DC. He is scheduled to received the “Nuclear Free Future Award” in the “Solutions” category at a presentation on October 28. DeBrum was recognized as “an anchor man for people all over the world who fight the nuclear complex and submersion of low-lying coasts and islands.”
Many RMI government agencies participated in the emergency exercise that involved responding to a simulated airplane crash into the lagoon. Police, Sea Patrol, Majuro hospital, Ports Authority and numerous other agencies joined in the exercise supported by the US Federal Aviation Administration.
Language bill - Bill eo enaj jilan Kajin Majol
All communications, public signs, press notices, publicity campaigns, advertisements and exhibitions must include both Marshallese and English languages if a new bill introduced by Education Minister Dr. Hilda Heine, pictured, is adopted by Nitijela. Bill 85 would also require that all translators be trained and certified by the College of the Marshall Islands under the supervision of the Customary Law and Language Commission.
See more
Momotaros head to women's assembly
With the successful conclusion of WAW! Tokyo 2014 last September, the government of Japan is again hosting “The World Assembly for Women in Tokyo: WAW! 2015” on August 28 and 29. This year marks the
second time for this symposium to take place with the theme “WAW! For All” and the Embassy of Japan announced that Senator Dennis Momotaro and his wife Daisy, pictured, will join this symposium in Tokyo. The symposium is one of Japan’s efforts to achieve “a society where women shine” both in Japan and the world, which has been one of the priorities of the Abe Administration.
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Hospital shutdown – All medical services in Majuro, Ebeye and the outer islands — except for emergency services — will be shut down Friday unless a crisis between the Public Service Commission and the Ministry of Health is ... See more
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