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May 22, 2015
US will defend RMI ships
Iran released a Marshall Islands-flagged cargo vessel earlier this month after holding it for a couple of weeks in what it said was a commercial dispute. Initially, the US Defense Department said it was not obligated by the Compact of Free Association to protect RMI-flagged ships. The State Department, however, clarified the US position on RMI flagged vessels. “Under the US–RMI Compact of Free Association the United States has full authority and responsibility for security and defense matters in or relating to the RMI, including matters relating to vessels flying the Marshallese flag,” said a State Department spokesman. See more

EU to address hazardous waste
A Pacific Waste (PacWaste) project team met with President Chris Loeak recently to discuss the results of PacWaste studies on healthcare waste, asbestos wastes, e-waste and atoll integrated solid waste management in the RMI and the plans for $1 million to be provided to RMI. PacWaste is a four-year (2013-2017), €7.85m ($9 million) project funded by the European Union (EU) and implemented by the Secretariat of the Pacific Regional Environment Program (SPREP) to improve regional hazardous waste management across the Pacific in the priority areas. See more

Concert joy to the ear
The Assumption school band showcased the best musical ensemble Majuro has seen in a long time as witnessed during the band’s first annual spring concert last Thursday. “I’ve heard local bands play at Delap Park and during the occasional fishing tournaments but I gotta tell you, this is something else,” a friend of one of the student performers told the Journal. Photo: Hilary Hosia
Ted talks his way to Japan By HILARY HOSIA
Marshall Islands High School student Ted Carland, Jr. won the “ticket to Japan” grand prize during the 11th Japan speech contest held at the International Conference Center Saturday. Students from MIHS, Majuro Cooperative School and College of Marshall Islands were in the limelight — each performer recited their speech in Japanese without the help of a paper or notes.
See more

El Niño heating up Pacific woes
Hawaii and the western Pacific region is under an El Niño advisory as weather patterns during the first three months of 2015 are showing El Niño conditions, reported US weather officials this week. Hawaii is experiencing some drought or dryness, with Honolulu getting only 40 percent of normal rainfall. Guam experienced a record dry month in February, but March rebounded with more than the average rainfall. In the RMI, record rainfall was recorded, with Majuro getting triple its usual levels of rain from January to March and Kwajalein almost double the usual. See more

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