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April 18, 2014
Warm welcome for Fiji's Ratu Epeli
Fiji President Ratu Epeli Nailatikau, pictured, was warmly greeted during his short visit to Majuro this week. Ratu Epeli, as he’s known, received a friendly welcome from President Christopher Loeak and national government leaders Tuesday, and delivered frank talks about HIV/AIDS to
hundreds of Marshall Islands High School students Wednesday. President Loeak said Tuesday the RMI shares numerous issues with Fiji, including “both nations experiencing climate disasters.” … See more
James: Rongelap hatchery a 'homerun'
On August 26 last year, Rongelap Atoll Local Government Mayor James Matayoshi and a couple of VIPs observed as Assumption Parish’s Father Ray Sabio blessed the ground that would house Rongelap’s future Aquaculture Technologies of the Marshall Islands hatchery (ATMI) and nursery
in Ajeltake. Eight months later, earlier this month, Matayoshi and a larger crowd of VIPs and guests witnessed Fr. Sabio sprinkle holy water blessing the finished ATMI building. Matayoshi called the hatchery development a homerun during his speech. “The project applied for six grants,” he said. “And we got all six. We even got the Small Business Innovations Research grant, the first of its kind to be awarded outside the 50 US states. The grants total $500,000.” … See more
State visit to Arno Atoll for first-hand damage check
A presidential visit to examine first-hand damage to certain locations in Arno Atoll was conducted last Thursday by a trio of vessels from Majuro who visited both Malel and Longar in the rearlablok section of the island. Crossing the weather-strewn channel between Majuro and Arno, the travelers were transported by Lomor, Timor, and the private vessel 4-X. Rough weather added hours to the normally short travel time, a fact that didn’t see the hosting of a welcoming ceremony at Longar until just after 4 pm.See more

RMI wrestlers head to China for Games
Three Marshall Islands wrestlers will compete at the 2014 Youth Olympic Games later this year in China. The international wrestling federation, FILA, confirmed this week to the RMI National Olympic Committee that two RMI wrestlers — Ilania Keju and Eddy Adiniwin — qualified from their results at the recent Oceana Wrestling Championships in Samoa. … See more

VIPs climb the reservoir 'hill' to see the new liners and covers. Right, President Chris Loeak and Minister Jack Ading view the renovation (with umbrella protection). The million dollar project was the result of cooperation among multiple agencies and donors, with the Office of Environmental Planning and Policy Coordination (OEPPC) partnering with MWSC on the project that was funded by the Global Environment Facility (GEF), Australia and the United States, and implemented by the Secretariat of the Pacific Region Environment Program and United Nations Development Program. Photos Hilary Hosia
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Call for tax overhaul – R&D Minister Brenson Wase said that although supporting tax increases may be "political suicide," he voted yes on the measure for the benefit of the Marshall Islands. "From the government side we need all the money … See more