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August 22, 2014
35th session of the RMI Nitijela 2014 President fouces on path to 2023
“We are all aware that 2023 will see the end of the economic package under our Compact with the US,” read Minister in Assistance Wilbur Heine, pictured, who delivered President Christopher’s remarks at Monday’s Nitijela opening ceremony. He continued: “Because of this, it is important the Nitijela works now to prepare our nation for that time when this financial aid will end. It won’t be an easy task, but we are here and we have all been tasked this assignment to prepare ourselves for this eventuality.” See more

Fishing fees soar for PNG-Kiribati trade
Although the minimum fishing day price this year has been $6,000, fishing days were recently sold for $13,000 — an all-time record for Parties to the Nauru Agreement (PNA) countries. PNA manages the purse seine fishery through a vessel day scheme under which they sell fishing days to fishing companies for at least $6,000. See more

Drifing Ulien fisherman makes it to Melal Arno
An Arno man from Ulien Island went fishing Saturday morning and that evening was thought to be lost until he
arrived safe and sound Sunday on the south eastern island community of Melal, Arno. Officials in Majuro were alerted of the missing seafarer Sunday morning when he failed to return home Saturday after going out to sea. In Nitijela Monday, Justice Minister Rien Morris, pictured, reported on the incident and praised the persistent effort of RMI Sea Patrol’s Lomor II Captain Wayne Anjain in leading the search for the missing man and local businessman Robert Pinho for
his humanitarian response that aided the Lomor II to get fueled at Shoreline in order to conduct its search.
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CMI graduate numbers healthy
The College of the Marshall Islands’ 2014 fall semester enrollment is likely to fall below the all-time record set in 2012 of 1,122 students. But while the currently enrolled total of 948 is the lowest since 2010, it could top the thousand mark if “unofficially” registered students complete their paperwork. Over 140 students have partially registered but need additional paperwork before they are eligible to
attend the school. The 2013 enrollment numbers declined slightly from the 2012 record year to 1,006.
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Huge bonus for deaf students
The pool of teachers for Marshall Islands’ Deaf students experienced a boost this year. The WorldTeach volunteers will teach at Majuro Deaf School and the soon to be Ebeye Deaf School, while Gabe Soje (left) is the College of the Marshall Islands first deaf teacher.
Photo: Hilary Hosia
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