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December 19, 2014
VIPs open Manila consulate
The RMI’s Honorary Consulate in the Philippines officially opened with a ribbon cutting ceremony earlier this month. The new office is located in the KPMG Center in Makati City, Manila.See more

Ban on election involvement Board ensures CMI stays neutral
Prohibitions on CMI employees’ involvement in political activity were adopted by CMI’s board of regents at Friday’s meeting. “The college recognizes that it must remain neutral in all national and local election campaigns,” said the resolution adopted by the board, adding “the college recognizes that its alien, non-citizen or expatriate employees may not engage in political activities.” See more

Japan Emperor celebrates 81st birthday
RMI to Japan Emperor Akihito: O-Tanjoubi omedetou gozaimasu (happy birthday)! Glasses were raised to commemorate Japan Emperor Akihito during his majesty’s 81st birthday feast at Marshall Islands Resort’s Melele Room last Thursday. President Christopher Loeak, Acting Foreign Minister Hiroshi Yamamura, the US Embassy, representatives from national and local governments, Marshallese-Japanese families, and friends and students joined Japan Ambassador Kazuhiko Anzai during the celebration that featured both lively entertainment and fine dining. Emperor Akihito and Empress Michiko took control of Japan’s imperial throne in 1989.
Photos: Hilary Hosia
NBA coach returning for basketball camp
The Marshall Islands Basketball Federation is looking for top players for a special basketball camp with former NBA Coach Tom Newell that will be held in early January in Majuro. Were you on a men’s or women’s RMI national team from 2010 to 2014? Or are you a top player on your
high school team? If you answered “yes,” then the federation and the US Embassy have a fabulous, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity: two three-day camps for male and female players from January 5-10. See more

Mobil drops prices
Following a second Mobil fuel price reduction, gas stations in Majuro dropped their gasoline and diesel prices at the weekend. With world market prices for oil plummeting to a five-year low, Mobil has cut its gas price to local stations by 35 cents since late November. Diesel has dropped by 25 cents per gallon. See more

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Piggott: Tennekone was great – At a High Court and Bar Association dinner Saturday, departing Chief Justice A.D. Tennekone was hailed as a martyr to the independence of the judiciary who leaves a legacy of standing against. . . . See more
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