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July 3, 2015
Attorney errors force Judge to dismiss sex assaults
Despite finding there was “good cause” to believe sexual assaults as charged by the Attorney General happened, Chief Justice Carl Ingram was forced to dismiss three of the four charges “because the RMI failed and refused” to correct a mistake in its criminal filing. Ingram said this was the second time in recent months that the Attorney General’s office had filed incorrect charges, forcing the court to dismiss them even though there was good cause to proceed to trial on them. See more
Who will win the weekend
This weekend will determine who wins the prestigious President’s Cup. Four fishermen are breathing down angler Ronnie Reimers’s, pictured, back for the Cup. Ronnie has a slim lead, with 3,209 points to Damien Milne’s 3,052. Bwiji Aliven is right behind at 3,045, with brother Kyle
Aliven at 2,919 and Ben Reimers only a couple of big fish behind at 2,522. The two-day 33rd Marshalls Billfish Club annual tournament together with the fifth annual Urok Club bottom fishing competition kick off Friday, with weigh in at Uliga Dock in the late afternoons both Friday and Saturday. See more
Class act by globetrotters
No props? No problem. Stage globetrotters “Globe to Globe Hamlet” performed at the International Conference Center in Majuro Monday, despite not having needed production equipment available due to airline miscommunication. The group performed the Shakespeare play in Tarawa, Kiribati prior to the Majuro stop and will continue performances in Pohnpei in the Federated States of Micronesia and Republic of Palau later this week — all part of a two-year global journey already in full throttle since April this year. Above: Hamlet performers, from left, Tom Lawrence, Miranda Foster, Beruce Kahn, Keith Barlett, and Ladi Emeruwa. Photos: Hilary Hosia
First step to health equality – Oregon responds to lobby group
The Oregon Legislature last week did not endorse “premium” healthcare legislation as the Oregon-based islander community had lobbied for, but did adopt what proponents say is a good first step toward getting a bill through in 2016. Oregon is the first state in the US to consider legislation to reinstate some of the healthcare services that the US Congress eliminated in 1996 when it removed the eligibility of FAS citizens to benefit from Medicaid.
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College back on accredited status
The College of the Marshall Islands has regained full accreditation, the Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior Colleges announced earlier this week. CMI had been on “warning” status for the past two years. This follows a review visit by a large WASC team to CMI in March, and the attendance at the early June WASC meetings by CMI President Dr. Theresa Koroivulaono and CMI board Chairman Ben Chutaro.
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