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March 27, 2015
US Navy Seabees to the rescue on the ECC gym
A United States military engineering group is expected to begin work to renovate the ECC gym later this year — nearly four years since a portion of the roof collapsed, forcing closure of the government’s only indoor gymnasium. Details, including who foots the bill for the estimated $1.4 million costs to re-roof and renovate the interior of the deteriorating facility, will be decided before or at the upcoming JEMFAC meeting that is scheduled for April 17 in San Francisco. See more

'No grounds to dismiss murder case'
The 167 days that Joranson Capelle was in jail waiting for a trial did not violate his right to a speedy trial guaranteed by the RMI Constitution, said the RMI Attorney General’s office in a reply to Chief Public Defender Russell Kun’s motion to dismiss the newly filed murder charges against

Capelle. Kun charged in his motion that by dismissing and then re-filing charges against Capelle, the Attorney General’s office both violated his client’s right to a speedy trial and gained an advantage in prosecution. But Assistant Attorney General Eric Iban disputes Kun’s motion in a seven-page reply filed Monday. The motion went for a hearing before Judge Dinsmore Tuttle Wednesday afternoon. See more
IOM prepares US-bound folk
A two-day “pre-departure” seminar was held last week by the International Organization for Migration (IOM) to prepare local residents who are planning to head to the United States. The event was held at CMI. Photo: Isaac Marty.
'If you don't like our rules, fish elsewhere'
The CEO of the Parties to the Nauru Agreement (PNA) has rejected criticism from New Zealand and United States fishing industry interests of the organization’s tuna management system, saying these are attempts to bully small island countries that are successfully conserving fisheries resources while increasing economic benefits for themselves. Speaking Saturday in Auckland where Pacific island countries have been meeting with the United States on access for US tuna fishing vessels, PNA CEO Dr. Transform Aqorau rejected criticism of PNA’s Vessel Days Scheme (VDS) by New Zealand and US industry officials. The VDS governs purse seine fishing in the eight PNA members’ waters, limiting the number of fishing days that can be sold each year and setting a minimum price that is currently $8,000 per fishing day. PNA also enforces a range of conservation measures. “Under the VDS, purse seine fishing in our waters has been tightly controlled, with satellite tracking and observers on board every vessel,” Aqorau said. “As a result, there has been no significant increase in catches in our waters in recent years, our stocks are abundant, and access to our waters is valuable.” See more

US funds for agriculture and aquaculture ventures
USAID’s Pacific-American Climate Fund will officially launch two grants for development projects in the RMI on Monday, March 30. The climate fund will be funding projects of Aquaculture Technologies of the Marshall Islands (ATMI) and Namdrik Atoll Development Association (NADA). See more

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Wow! – The High Commissioner approved the Congress of Micronesia graduated income tax bill! The US as administering authority benefits greatly from the tax being imposed by the Congress of Microinesia in several key ways. ... See more
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